Odoo HR and Payroll

Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Managing and rewarding them effectively is also important.

Odoo HR and Payroll

Employees are the most valuable asset of any company. Managing and rewarding them effectively is also important. Zedes is an Odoo expert company that also specializes in providing customized ERP for human resources and employee management. Efficient HR and Payroll ERP make employee management impactful. Odoo HRM and Payroll modules simplify various HR functions.

If you are a company looking for a great application to manage your HR department, here is the solution. Without unproductive repetition of the tasks, you can manage your employee-related tasks quickly.

Key Features of Odoo HR and Payroll Applications

Let us have a look at the Odoo application for HR and Payroll. The high features let companies align their manpower with the goals and requirements of your companies. An automated approach has brought endless benefits for the HR divisions of our clients.

Employee Management

Our Odoo experts will implement customized employee management system. This will enable you to track and keep the entire employee's data, salary structure, basic salary, contract type, probation details etc.

Payroll Management

Odoo offers flexible and friendly payroll system to carry out all the payroll related functions. Whether it is about managing payslips or payroll reports, and taxes, everything is streamlined. The Payroll data can be integrated with the accounting, timesheets, and salary rules in the Odoo payroll system itself. A country-specific payroll can be implemented to calculate allowances, leave encashment, deductions, taxes, and overtime.

Leave Management and Holiday Schedule

Every HR has a responsibility of managing and scheduling leaves and holidays in the company. It has to handle different types of leaves like paid leaves, casuals, and business leaves. The wonderful holiday and leave management addon in Odoo provides thebest system. Tracking leave records of employees become super easy with the Odoo ERP for HR. The system is flexible and allows one to operate leave requests, leave approvals, leave status of every employee, and so on.

The holiday schedule in the ERP provides timely alerts or reminders to the HR for the upcoming holidays in the company. A statistical report of the leave and holidays can be generated for aspecified duration.


Odoo allows linking your employees' to the Odoo user accounts where employees can automatically sign out and sign in from Odoo. No need to manage manual sign out and sign in registers. You can generate monthly or weekly attendances sheets as well the error reports. The exciting feature of Odoo HR and Payroll is the ability to track differences between the attendance sheets and the timesheets. The lost working hours can be tracked easily for strategic planning. Overtime reports and their integration with the payroll are also possible.

At Zedes, clients get benefits of all the features of Odoo HR and Payroll system. We design the ERP right as per your need. Odoo also offers support for managing talent acquisition, timesheet management, employee appraisal, employee welfare fund, and increments.

Zedes Solutions is a team of talented Odoo experts and developers who are passionate about customizing it for the clients. With tailor-made systems, you get what you exactly need from Odoo ERP to manage your HR division and payroll.


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