Odoo for Manufacturing Industry

Odoo for manufacturing has exciting benefits for any manufacturer. Any manufacturing unit comprises a large number of activities than any other industry.

Odoo for Manufacturing Industry

Odoo for manufacturing has exciting benefits for any manufacturer. Any manufacturing unit comprises a large number of activities than any other industry. Right from procurement of raw material to distribution, a lot of tasks are performed. Hence, it is important to have an efficient ERP to carry out and integrate difference business activities.

Our Odoo services for manufacturing industry offers extremely effective solutions.

Odoo manufacturing module helps manufacturers to order, control, and schedule. It becomes easier to coordinate with the different departments of the company. The manufacturing module of Odoo ERP integrates inventory management, supply chain, and production. A streamlined information helps all the divisions to access any information at once.

How Odoo Works for Manufacturing Industry

Odoo ERP is an open source system that also allows customization as per individual business needs. Any large manufacturing encompasses divisions like supply chain, inventory, sales, purchase, production, stock management, accounting, and marketing.

Odoo offers a smart system that allows centralization of all business divisions. This indeed reduces the time and efforts for the staff of every division. It also gives quick access to data of other departments.

Odoo for manufacturing is an easy system to perform all the operations of every different level of the entire manufacturing firm. It becomes super easy to plan your strategies, track your stocks and orders through the system. Stocks can be maintained easily and reports are generated just with a single time feeding of data. The staff of every division does not need to handle the single data multiple times.

Zedes Solutions is known for providing efficient Odoo for manufacturing practices to achieve the highest level of efficiency. We are a trusted partner for many manufacturing units for affordable Odoo implementation.

Here is what Odoo works out for production companies
Managing Master Data

Odoo manufacturing module allows managing single master data for bills, production, and raw materials.

Automated procurements

Procurement can be handled automatically by the Odoo as per specified stock rules and order rules. The producer can configure production plans. Orders can also be procured and manage manually if needed.

Odoo Sales Module

The Odoo sales module integrated intoOdoo manufacturing allow you to procure and invoice the processes. Real-time accounting and other related reports are generated.

Invoicing and Delivery

Users can invoice the order and define alogistic channel. Users can also define their delivery methods, channels, and payment terms here.

Production Operations

Users can manage subcontracting operations of productions. Odoo system generates orders automatically for the raw materials. The processed raw materials are subtracted from the stock by the system.

Order Management

Orders are handled by the system with details like quantity and the order processing dates. Raw material consumed for the orders are automatically adjusted and the finished products are displayed in the stock.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Odoo allows planning the schedule of production using the planning menu. The user can specify dates for ordering and edit it as needed. The scheduler in Odoo also prioritizes the purchases as per the defined rules. The rules are defined with parameters like products, thename of the supplier, quantity etc.


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