Odoo Customisation

Odoo ERP is a system that gives businesses a greater control over the functionalities.

Odoo Customisation

Odoo ERP is a system that gives businesses a greater control over the functionalities. We are offering a range of Odoo services to all types of enterprises and industries. Odoo customization services from Zedes Solutions make this application work as per your desire.

The best thing about this software is that we can customize it to suit any type of business processes. Be it manufacturing or customer relationship management or financial planning or inventory management, Odoo customization plays a significant role. The process of Odoo personalization connects all the different departments for higher efficiency.

What is Odoo Customisation

Odoo customization is all about filling the gaps of the system to make it perfectly as per the enterprise's needs. A large number of data and resources can be maintained in this system. Various requirements of different departments in the organization are specified. After identifying special needs of the enterprise, Odoo is developed using the suitable modules and functionalities.

Benefits of Odoo Customisation

Odoo is an open source system and hence easily available. It is highly customizable so that enterprises can use it according to their activities. Making Odoo work for your specific business functions and structure is the process of customization.

Our Odoo customization services will give you all the below benefits and much more.

Higher Efficiency

Customized Odoo turns exactly suitable to your enterprise. This decreases unproductive and manual works for your staff. Customizing it means a long term application for your organization.


Customizing Odoo is quite affordable and it offers special merits with very less expense.

Enhanced security

The personalization of the software also ensures higher accuracy and security of your business data.

The individualization gives you an air of pleasure as you get everything as per your personal wish. However, much depends on the skills of the developers.

Zedes Solutions Pvt Ltd is a team of highly experienced and skilled engineers who personalize the software with utmost accuracy. With our expertise in personalizing the application, our clients get a precise tailor-made application.

If your existing ERP is lacking the exact functionalities you need, contact us to get customized Odoo application. It offers a treasure of functions with above 1000 modules that can be used to produce a tailor-made solution.

We have already configured and customized Odoo for many of our clients. Moreover, we also help in researching and analysing how far the functionalities of this software will be able to work for your requirements.

Odoo Customisation and Control Services

In order to carry our perfect customization of this open source ERP, one needs professional Odoo developer.

Odoo developers at Zedes Solutions know where to apply any particular module to derive certain function from the system. Before customizing, we follow a standard work process as below.

1. We analyse the specific requirement of the enterprise

2. Understand how customization and ERP configuration differ

3. Design customization model to deliver 100% suitable product

4. Testing and implementation

Regardless of the size and nature of theindustry, our experienced engineers are able to deliver the best solution. We ensure that the ERP you use is the right product you need to run your business smoothly.

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