Odoo Staffing and Recruitment

Without qualified and dedicated staff, it is difficult to function for any business. Staffing and recruitments are significant services for various business sectors.

Odoo Staffing and Recruitment

Without qualified and dedicated staff, it is difficult to function for any business. Staffing and recruitments are significant services for various business sectors. Numerous companies from all the different business sectors are now preferring Odoo ERP. Right from manufacturing to CRM; and logistic to e-commerce, Odoo ERP is the foremost choice of all. Recruitment and staffing industry is no exception.

Odoo ERP staffing and recruitment modules have the ability to give highly effective applications for HR divisions and placement companies. If you are unable to manage the workload as a hiring company, consider theimplementation of OdooERP.

Odoo ERP for Staff Recruitment

The recruitment related plugins of OdooERP perform a variety of functions.

Customized ERP for Staffing Process

Not every placement company has a similar structure. While the functions are common, the flow and processes may differ. The main benefits of using Odoo open ERP is you will get a full access to the ERP of your own desire. Zedes Solutions offer customized ERP program tailor-made to carry out the specific functions of your firm. The Odoo experts at Zedes will analyze your individual requirements and will build the system to suit your processes. Staffing companies can easily generate various job positions in the ERP and manage it.

Planning the Workforce

Workforce planning support is the most significant aspect of the ERP. The system conducts skill gap analysis and helps you build staffing plans to fulfil your requirements. You can manage different categories of full-time hires, contract jobs, and employer requirements.

Resume Management

Hiring in-house employees is a complex task. Hence many companies rely on the specialized recruitment firms. Odoo ERP offers great features for the recruiters. It imports and screen resume quickly.

Client Management

The software also offers email and SMS integration, client tracking, and reporting features. Keeping information about your clients and their requirements quickly accessible is important. The ERP makes it possible for you with minimum efforts.

The services of integrating third-party applications with Odoo reduces your cost of extra operations. The managers of Zedes offers strong communication and support to the clients for an integrated system.

How OdooERP Helps your Staffing Firm

Zedes provides with a complete ERP application that works best for recruitment firms. Right from inviting resumes and collecting payments from the clients, it simplifies all the functions.

To avail the following benefits, an efficient ERP is a must for recruitment firms. Here is what Odoo for staffing does for you.

Connects you with Sales Force

With all information and precise data available in your system, your team can quickly respond to the clients. Tracking the status of the interviews arranged with the clients becomes super easy. Make your clients happy with instant responses ready in front of you.

Increases Productivity

Any recruitment firm needs to handle a huge amount of data of clients and candidates. Regular follow-ups and the management of accounts of candidates and employers is a tedious task. Without any hindrance, your firm can work seamlessly to achieve higher productivity.

Effective Functioning of Front and Back Office

An ERP ensures the effective functioning of your front and back office operations. It helps you to measure how a resume is meeting requirements of a client.

Odoo ERP system develops the expertise of staffing firm. Your recruitment and placement firms deal with critical business processes. Without spending much time and efforts, you can run your staffing firm with optimum satisfaction for the clients. At Zedes, you will get to develop your ERP with complete fulfilment of your customized needs.


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